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Meet the Guy Who Writes This

Hi, my name is Gene Belmont and I’m a old “rough around the edges” guy who wants to share Hawaii with as many people as will stand still and listen. I’ve been a tour guide in Hawaii for over 18 years, primarily on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. So …
ALOHA AND MAHALO to everyone who has joined this blog. Please don’t take the word “newbie” as a putdown; I mean it in the most gentle and understanding way.
I know traveling to, and in, Hawaii can be a very complicated ordeal; I’ve heard perhaps every horror story possible about rental cars, airlines, hotels, restaurants, local cuisine, and, yes, tour guides.
BUT, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! No, indeed. And that’s the intent of this blog: to help smooth out the process and make life a whole lot easier for you in paradise. e komo mai (come to my house)


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  1. Netta Kanoho

    Hey Gene!

    You’re here! Talk about old home week. Cool site, dude….

    — me

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